Not to, and sleep



This quadraphonic piece was created as a collaboration between the Sibelius Academy Department of Music Technology and Musica Nova, for the concert New music for voice and electronics.

Not to, and sleep is an exploration of the sonic space that occurs during the state between being awake and being asleep. Some of us, experience what is known as "sonic hypnagogic hallucinations".

These hallucinations generally involve background sound (phone ringing, a doorbell, people talking, conversations, etc.), loud noises (exploding sound, crashes, bangs) and our "inner voice". These sounds are not associated with a story, like they would in a dream.

As these sounds, voices and conversations can be quite personal, I worked with singer Taavi Oramo to find out which where some of the most recurrent words and sounds to include in the piece.

Hypnagogia has been highly related to the creative process and recognised as source of creative thought and intuition by many philosophers, artists, and scientist.




"To dream and altogether not to dream. This synthesis is the operation of genius, by which both activities are mutually reinforced."





Recodings from performance, 24th september 2022