esther calderón m. 
composer & sound artist

Esther Calderón Morales is a composer and sound artist from Ontinyent, Valencia, currently based in Helsinki. She is passionate about exploring the connections between music, technology, and the world around us, often collaborating with dancers and exploring different compositional approaches such as real-time composition, algorithmic music, live electronics, and interactive and multichannel music. Her language embraces both acoustic and electronic music and its combinations.

Picture by Seiji Kokeguchi

She received her bachelor’s degree in Music Composition at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música “Victoria Eugenia” de Granada and gained valuable experience through an Erasmus internship at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School. Esther is currently finishing her master’s degree in Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Her Master’s project, Nexe, is an exploration of human connection, employing a choir, dance, and various innovative techniques. In her research, she examines themes of immersion, interaction, and the expressive use of voice.

These themes echo in compositions like Not to, and Sleep performed at the Musica Nova Festival in Helsinki, and Despertar en Llamas, a composition for saxophone, viola, piano, oboe, and live electronics, premiered by Vertixe Sonora at Vang Festival in Madrid. In Despertar en Llamas, Esther utilizes data to create music, shedding light on pressing global issues, such as wildfires. This approach is also present in her collaboration with Juulia Haverinen for "Venus of the Baltic Sea," showcased at Arts Adapt, where art meets activism in a powerful performance.

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