Nexe is a musical composition, a performance that evolves in real-time, combining dancers, singers, live electronics, multichannel audio, and interactive elements, to create an immersive experience. It was performed in August 2023 at Musiikkitalo's Black Box, as my final concert for the Master in Music Technology at the Sibelius Academy, Uniarts Helsinki.

The project takes inspiration from the ways genetics and social relationships shape human behavior and development. It's an exploration of how we become who we are, drawing inspiration from theories in genetics, sociology, and human behavior. The score and elements in the piece are at times generative and adaptive to the input of dancers and the singers themselves. 

The performance patch was made using Cycling '74 Max software, using DRAWSOCKETplatform to send the generative score to the singers.


Performers and working group

Concept: Esther Calderón M. 

Composition and software design: Esther Calderón M. 

Choreography and performance: Lydia Touliatou, Ronja Syvälahti, Cristy Ma 

Lyrics: Juulia Haverinen 


Jaime Belmonte 

Elisa Harma 

Juulia Haverinen 

Eriika Ketara 

Otto Nuoranne 

Jonatan Snapir 

Joel Ward 



Camera operator: Eino Leskinen 

Video edit: Esther Calderon M.

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